An.dre.a™ (lost_in_america) wrote in bodychallenge,

Hi I'm new!

Hi I'm new but I'm confused. I thought i had registered online and it said they would send an email but never did. Now I can't figure out how to sign up again, I don't think you can.

What can I do?
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I registered online too, but I never got the email.
I totally forgot about it until this post. I wonder what the hell is really going on?!
Hmm.. 2 ideas.

1) check your junk mail folder. That is where I found mine, and it wasn't from discovery channel, it was from

2.) I just got my email from the discovery people this morning. They say sorry that it is taking so long because they had an overwhelming response. So, maybe they'll get to you soon?

Good luck!

if you want to sign up again. I don't know how helpful it will be to do that though, but maybe worth a shot??