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So Glad to find this Community.....

It was under dieting in my interests. I am so glad to have found it. I am registered to take the challenge. I just finally got my kit a few weeks ago. I had got an E-mail saying that they were backed up in sending them because of the over-whelming response. They sent me a 2 week free pass to print out from Bally in the meantime. The guy at Bally did not know anything about this...So I brought him my letter from Discovery explaining this. He was grateful for it. He told me, even if the pass did not come I could continue till my 3 months was up. Another thing, I drove 4 hours to register at a Discovery Zone store. Because the store said I had to be there to physically weigh in! Even if I registered on line. Come to find out, Bally itself could of did the weigh in! Bally is only 30 minutes from my house. The manager that I gave the letter too about the 2 week pass they sent me told me this. He said he would of been PO'd at them. He told me I could weigh out at right at the Gym and not have to drive 4 hours again. Also they upped the time for weigh out till the 17th. I have lost 10 pounds so far & am doing pretty good. This is really an awesome thing they are doing. Good luck to all involved. R
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