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Oh Hey from Wa!

Hey friends! Well, I was quite excited to have found this community last night. I signed up for the Challenge. But for me it was sort of a backhanded turn. You see every year I make a resolution to lose weight and get in shape. And every year I end up at McDonalds ordering a Big Mac meal and feeling guilty about cheating. So this year I decided to motivate myself. I'm currently walking/swimming/jogging all the miles it takes to get to Oprah (1726) and then when I make it, I'm going on a trip there. I've finally figured out something to get me motivated! I live in Washington and don't have a membership to a gym, because I'm just not sure which one to join. So, I've signed up for the challenge to help me get moving and also to keep me out of the cold! I've been walking and running on the track at my old high school in like 20ish degree weather. The coldness was starting to get me lazy and unmotivated.

I've been told I carry my weight well. I mean I finally told my friend how much I weigh and she laughed at me and told me not to make up lies to make her feel skinnier. I just carry my weight well. And I do have a lot of muscle under there. I suppose if I was to have a goal it would be to work out so much my chest got smaller! =) But seriously, here's me:

Age: 23
Height: 5'5.75" (those bastards at the WA DMV would not let me put 5'6"!!)
Weight: 235
Goal: Feel healthier and more in shape, if my clothes fall off in the process then w00t.
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